Terms and Conditions

1. Assumption of Risk. Renter acknowledges that the activities for which the Bike is designed include inherent dangers, including the risk of bodily injury and/or death. Renter assumes and accepts all risks associated with the use of the Bike.

2. Acceptable Use. Renter agrees and acknowledges that he/she will be the sole operator of the Bike, and will use the Bike in a careful, safe and conscientious manner. Renter shall at all times observe an

adhere to any rules and guidelines posted by Company, and any applicable laws or regulations.

3. Prohibited Activities. Renter shall not violate any of the following rules and regulations during his/her operation of the Bike: • There are no passengers permitted on the Bike unless expressly permitted by Company in writing prior to use. • There is no smoking permitted while using the Bike. • There are no alcoholic beverages permitted while using the Bike.

4. Unsafe Use. If at any time Company determines that Renter has engaged in an unsafe or hazardous use of the Bike, Company may immediately terminate the rental. Upon notification of termination, Renter must return the Bike to the designated return area immediately. If the rental is terminated for unsafe or hazardous use, Renter will will be charged with appropriate fine. Company shall determine, in its sole discretion, whether any behaviour or activity is “unsafe or hazardous.”

5. Condition of Bike upon Return. The Renter shall return the Bike to the designated return area clean and in the same condition as it was in when given to Renter, excepting ordinary wear and tear. Renter shall be responsible for any damage caused to the Bike during the rental period. Company shall retain any portion (or all) of Renter’s security deposit as necessary to cover repairs for such damages. To the extent that damages to the Bike exceed the amount of the security deposit, Renter shall be billed by Company for the full amount of damages caused by Renter during the rental period, including reasonable lawyer’s fees.

6. Late Return. If Renter returns the Bike to the designated return area after the scheduled “Time Back,” Renter shall pay a fine of Rs.70 per hour.